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Unique lofts in the Czech Republic



Space open to all stories of life in all its beauty. Monumental height, raw materials, sharp angles, precise design. VANGUARD is a unique project, not only in Prague. 1150 genuine lofts for those who know, the only limitations are those that we impose on ourselves. Become a creator of your reality.
Loft interior design options available. Floor plan may differ to actual plan.
Rest area design options available with lofts + 100m2. Floor plan may differ to actual plan.


Start a new phase of your being with a loft without borders. Experience a never-ending sense of freedom in a space as variable as life itself. Choose a loft ready to fulfill your deepest fantasies. Or take one of three paths of courageous architects who left their unique imprint in the extravagant project VANGUARD. Freely. Enthusiastically. In detail. The project is expected to be completed in 2022.
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A car lift in the middle of a building? Throughout Central Europe, it is the only one ready to transport your car directly to your loft. There is an endless airiness and light that awaits you thanks to windows that do not start or end anywhere. Enjoy the fascinating views of the city which is within easy reach, as well as the tranquility of nature. Wellness, fitness, cardio, swimming pool, sauna and laundry facilities are also available. And there is more! Like a golf course around the corner. There is also a concierge service desk that can do anything for you.
Vanguard - reception


Welcome! The original lobby with a fresh design by the architects of the OOOOX studio is here for you and your guests. Concierge service is ready to fulfill all your wishes.

Vanguard - wellness

Swimming pool

Discover new dimensions! Immerse yourself in water of the glass pool, which is exceptional at first sight. It is 18 meters long and is open to all residents of the residence.

Vanguard - wellness


Relax! The spa and wellness residences VANGUARD by the studio OOOOX are aesthetically and functionally perfect. Recharge your energy for all the challenges that life brings.

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The VANGUARD residence is an exceptional project, just as our customers are unique to us. If you have any questions about the project, please write to us and we will contact you shortly.

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